Our Heritage And Values

Growing up, our founder spent time in Greece and America. Through his father, one of the namesakes of the firm, Vasilis Rallis learned the value of hard work and the business insights of a courageous leader who successfully built many businesses.

Educated in both the United States and Greece, Vasilis traveled the world after earning his Bachelor’s degree at The University of Houston.

The classical architecture of Greece and an extended stay in Florence were compelling influences on Vasilis’ approach to design. His five years of service in the Marine Corps, deployed with elite troops from around the world, further drove home the power of leadership and teamwork.

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Our Company Name And Logo

Vasilis had great leaders in mind when he carefully and deliberately named his firm: The first, his father, achieving great business success while always maintaining a reputation for goodness, honesty and hard work. The second, also named Leonidas, was the legendary warrior king of Sparta, who defied the laws of warfare through insurmountable odds.

Both of these men named Leonidas focused on discipline, loyalty, success and courage. And each delivered outsize results with a small but elite team of carefully-chosen comrades.

​ Each element of the Leonidas Homes logo conveys an important aspect of the company’s vision. The columns with a Greek star, were carefully chosen. The Ionic columns, a core element of timeless Greek architecture, come from the Ionian Islands that Vasilis would frequent growing up. The Greek Star (a.k.a. Vergina Sun) on top pays homage to King Leonidas and Alexander the Great. “Just like my father, both these men inspire me because they were able to do a lot with a little.” The distinctive lighting and brushed metal of the logo emphasize the strength and individuality of design and construction that we provide our customers.